Do I need a Real Estate Agent to Sell my Home?

Your home is one of the biggest investments you own.  Treat it seriously.

After 25 years I’ve probably sold over 600 homes, which means I’ve learned a lot more than your average person about what can go wrong, how much time it takes, and how the stress takes its toll.

  • I know the pitfalls to troubleshoot;
  • the legal issues that can crop up;
  • the time it takes to arrange showings;
  • the difficulty of pricing a home to maximize profit but attract buyers;
  • the importance, and the expense of properly marketing a home;
  • how negotiations with a buyer can go sour;
  • how buyers may say they have the money… then don’t
  • how buyers are imtimidated but dealing directly with sellers
  • that buyers are afraid and avoid private sales
  • how both buyers and sellers waste a lot of time before the call a professional.

Let’s talk about how I can help you  end up with more money in your pocket even with paying commission … you don’t pay anything until you are completely satisfied!


Thinking of Selling? Need an Idea of Pricing?

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