How do we Make an Offer on a Home?


We found a Home! Now What?

As your real estate agent my role is to ensure you get that home at the best price with conditions that protect your interests.

  • View the home twice if time permits.
  • Prepare the legal paperwork that will state the price you’re offering, add any conditions such as making sure your financing is in place, that insurance can be arranged, having the home inspected, the closing date you want, and clarifying what is included when you buy it.
  • We decide on the price. This is critical.  I will educate you about pricing so you don’t pay too much for the home, and help you decide the best price to offer, based on the homes we’ve seen, similar homes that have sold, and what the home offers to you
  • I negotiate with the other agent, them the buyers can change anything in the offer, then back to you to make any changes. My role as a negotiator and trouble shooter is to come to an agreement that everyone is happy with right up until after closing.
  •  I’ll be there with you for any inspections, renegotiating, dealing with problems and help you through any decisions or changes we need to make.  Then we sign more papers and you will be the proud owner of a home!

With a good agent this is the exciting part!  When you go after a property you really want, you want to know you have an expert on your side… someone who knows how to ensure it is priced right, knows how to ensure there are no problems waiting for you on closing day.

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